1, 2, 3 Things done and moving on to the next things

Kia ora koutou katoa,

just to recap on the first Three Things

Thing 1: This was the 2 question survey,

Thing 2: This was fun and a little disturbing and really made us a little more conscious of  how secure our passwords really are. Steve’s blog post is interesting and he mentions a password management tool that he uses.

Thing 3: Now this is where things get more interesting and allows you to share your thoughts, experiences, ideas and even handy tips and tricks for the different things as we progress through the programme.

Writing can be difficult at the best of times however my tips are

  • Make writing a regular thing
  • Keep it simple
  • Be honest
  • Most of all enjoy the experience.

Finding the time and energy to write can be difficult, and last year I found I had to set a time into my calendar to write my blog, once this was set I then found I struggled with the actual writing.

My first blog post I wrote and re-wrote a number of times before making it public, this was because I worried my writing wasn’t good enough, or that I wasn’t an expert so my opinions didn’t matter. However I found that with a set routine and some really interesting things to talk about the process of writing became easier over time, I also realised that people read my blog because I wasn’t an expert, and were hoping that I could give them a different perspective or tips to the 23 Things that they hadn’t found or thought of.

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